Mini MBA Crash Programs are now available, endorsed from Pebble Hills University, USA…
Check Out The New Mini-MBA in Lebanese Employment Law & Regulations taking place in October 2015, Read More!
Mira-Clé is pleased to announce several Job Vacancies and Freelance Opportunities apply now
We have concluded round #22 of the star ”Lebanese Labor Law & NSSF” workshop check the blog
Our alliance with Saber Mena expanded to cover the entire Middle East region
Training never been smarter! be encouraged to use Mira-Clé online training platform – Ask about Simulations & Gamification
Check Out our Newly Released Public Training Calendar, covering Sep-Dec 2015.
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Founded in Beirut to Provide Specialized Quality Services in the areas of Business Management and Human Resources.
Main Services
Our SMART solutions and services cover major business areas such as Human Capital Performance, HSE Consulting, Business Plans, Customer Services, Training in Lebanon , Marketing, AML and Sales Manuals, Regional Conferences, Training & Development, Employees Handbooks, Recruitment, Public and Tailored Workshops….  Read More 
HR Consultancy
Mira-Clé established a comprehensive “Best HR Practices Standards” program overseeing and evaluating your current business performance in terms of Human Capital and Business Operation… Read More 
Training & Development
Middle East Region possess talents and creative minds, maintaining the required training and development needs of employees will keep companies up to date, enhance employees… Read More 
Being your Virtual HR Manager, Mira-Clé will not send you qualified Resumes only, instead we will Interview, evaluate and Shortlist Three Qualified Candidates with a Comprehensive… Read More 
Emergency Response Planning is an integral part of the Company’s Public Relations Program fostering confidence and responsible corporate citizenship with government regulatory… Read More 
A division of consulting services and solutions for your business development needs to understand market dynamics, identify new opportunities, and increase your business… Read More 
Customer Care
SQI – From The Global Leader in Customer Services Strategy for Over 40 Years! – The Program is split over three modules, Each Module can be acquired separately, Modules include a follow… Read More 
Recent Posts
Until Dec 2014 Mira-Clé Serviced 400+ Clients, Held 120+ Public Workshops, Shared Training with 4500+ professionals, Delivered in  Qatar, Kuwait, KSA, Lebanon, Oman, Jordan and Italy…..Read More 
Job Vacancies and Freelance Opportunities
Job Vacancies and Freelance Opportunities

Mira-Clé is pleased to announce several Job Vacancies and Freelance Opportunities, for posts at Mira-Clé directly or…

Mira-Cle' 5th Anniversary Celebration
Mira-Cle’ 5th Anniversary Celebration

Mira-Clé Successfully celebrated it’s 5th Anniversary with over 70 partners whom decided to rejoice 5 years of…

Inside Media
Curious about what’s going on? Mira-Clé Inside Media covers all News, Events, Training and Consultancy TV Interviews, TV Programs talking about Training in Lebanon and the Middle East…Read More 
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Mira-Cle Program - Ep.4

Mira-Cle Program - Ep.4 - Sales Techniques

With Mr. Hisham Hinnawi - Talking about Sales Techniques...

Mira-Cle Program - Ep 13

Mira-Cle Program - Ep.13 Ergonomics!

With Mr. Naeim Elzein - Talking about Ergonomics!




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